my fandoms made me do this

hi, i'm maji and this is my art blog.
i'm a 20 year old girl who's obsessed with various fandoms and loves to draw.

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sooo bubbline is canon now, right?

cecil is preparing for halloween in night vale.

i was so determined not to include johnlock and it happened anyway… sorry.

you might not be able to see it but he’s actually really satisfied and happy.

have a random bulbasaur… sorry i should really draw proper stuff again

another chibi i drew to make a key chain charm for a friend’s birthday. this time it’s the eleventh doctor.

sherlock the date ruiner…

i made chibi cas and chibi dean key chain charms for amigurwhomi’s birthday.

furry pants!  I’m kinda having a chibi phase atm

very subtle, sherlock…